Jeremy Mosby is the third of four children in his family and was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. After highschool and a year of college he began working in a restaurant and eventually a warehouse. It was there in the midst all the hustle and bustle that Jeremy came up with the idea for a super-hero and began creating his characters. Up to then he was into sports such as track and basketball. With his writing he became focused and all business. He wanted to make money to finance his creation of the I-COIN characters and a book to introduce them to the world. This book is his second and the ultimate objective is to create a series of graphic novels. From an early age Jeremy wanted to be his own boss. He was 26 years of age when the idea came to him to create the I-Coin characters and it has been his single minded purpose to get his books into print. The fact that you are reading this book is testimony to his success.